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Product Name 7016 (High Strength Electrode)
Series Electrode
Product Description

Specifications and Dimensions

Main usage Welding ships, bridges, buildings and pressurized containers (LPG tank, old tank, pressure boiler, etc.) that use high strength steel material of 50 kgf/mm2.

1. This low-hydrogen type electrode for high strength steel material of 50 kgf/mm2, has high restraint and is suitable for welding soft steel prone to welding crack, and thick plate of high strength steel.

2. Due to low content of hydrogen in welding metal, it has good crack resistance.

Work procedure

1. Dry electrode for 30-60 minutes at 300~350℃ before use.

2. Clean moisture, rust, oil and paint on welding zone. 

3. To prevent pores in arc area, do not use backhand welding method or removing end-tap. 

4. Maintain arc length as short as possible.

Shielding gas -
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