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Product Name CD볼트스터드용접기
Model EQUUS-1200A
Series Arc Welder
Product Description

More information

1. Instantaneous welding of Ø1-10 bolt

2. Built-in with a modern condenser

3. The best product for high quality welding

4. Capable of welding all metals such as iron, stainless steel, copper, tin and aluminum

5. No deformation and surface damage after welding

Gana Connect CD볼트스터드용접기 EQUUS-1200A

Specifications and Dimensions

Type/Model Symbol EQUUS-1000A EQUUS-1200A
Weldable bolt mm 1 ~ 6Φ 1 ~ 10Φ
Condenser capacity MDF 132,000 198,000
External dimensions(WⅹHⅹD) mm 550ⅹ300ⅹ210 550ⅹ300ⅹ210
Weight KG 24 28
Rated input KVA 1 1.5
Frequency Hz 50/60 50/60
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