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Product Name Air Gouging Machine
Model EQUUS-1000A
Series Arc Welder
Product Description

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What is gouging?

Gouging is a method of blowing off the molten metal with high speed air flow projected horizontally on

carbon metal by creating arc between the electrode and the base metal.

Optimized for removing bead, cutting, grooving (improvement processing) and forming! 

Gana Connect Air Gouging Machine EQUUS-1000A

Specifications and Dimensions

Type/Model Symbol EQUUS-1000A EQUUS-1500A
Rated current A 1000 1500
Rated input KVA 73 103
Input voltage V 3Φ220/380/440 3Φ220/380/440
Output voltage V 50 55
No-load voltage V 85 90
Duty cycle % 60 60
Frequency Hz 50/60 50/60
External dimensions(WⅹHⅹD) mm 600ⅹ1.100ⅹ1.070 765ⅹ1.615ⅹ1.165
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