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Product Name Plasma Welder – Console Type
Model EQUUS PMW 600
Series Arc Welder
Product Description

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Plasma welding is similar to TIG welding. With a tungsten electrode built into the nozzle of a copper

electrode, arc (pilot arc) is produced, and from this, the base metal (welding sample) and arc are

connected in regular welding status. Plasma welding has less contamination and wear of electrodes,

is capable of precision and high precision welding and has smooth start and finish of welding point

with one arc ignition.


- Optimized for the continuous automated procedure

As continuous pilot arc is produced from plasma arc, the continuous procedure without breakage is


- Less wear of the electrode nozzle

- Enhanced raw cost and productivity

- 100% arc start

The welding operation will start after ignition inside of the torch from pilot arc, thus capable of 100%

art start.

- High Duty cycle

With ideal inverter design of over 85% power change rate, by minimizing internal heat generation,

power consumption is 1/2 of the existing method. With this device, high Duty cycle can be expected

up to 100% when high current of 1,000A is used.

- High speed and even welding

Can be applied to all plasma welding methods, has less influence of the secondary power source and

is stable

- Maximize precision thin plate welding performance

Capable of welding thin plates with stable arc

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