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Product Name Inverter DC/AC dual use TIG Welder
Model EQUUS-350AD
Series Arc Welder
Product Description

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1. DC argon welding: Stainless steel, copper, tin, titanium, wrought steel

2. AC argon welding: Aluminum, magnesium, tin

3. Arc welding: General steel, nonferrous metals

4. Argon spot welding: Stainless steel, wrought steel, aluminum, tin, copper

5. DC pulse argon welding 

6. AC pulse argon welding 

Gana Connect Inverter DC/AC dual use TIG Welder EQUUS-350AD

Specifications and Dimensions

EQUUS-600AD can be order made.
Type/Model Symbol EQUUS-350AD EQUUS-500AD
Input voltage V 220/380 220/380
Welding current A 350 500
Manual welding range A 200 300
Rated input KVA 13 19
Power cable mm 8 10
Rated Duty cycle % 60 100
External dimensions(WⅹDⅹH) mm 100 x 525 x 630 420 x 600 x 730
Weight KG 65 80
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