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Product Name Inverter DC Arc Welder
Model EQUUS-200A
Series Arc Welder
Product Description

More information

1. Full Ø3.2 welding rod is used.

2. Ultra power-saving design (Use domestic power) 

3. Stable arc property 

4. High Duty cycle and superior welding property 

5. Automatically detect rise in temperature 

6. Portable and easy to store 


It features stable welding output with inverter control, and is easy to control and use with good


As it is an inverter control type, it consumes little electricity and is economical. 

It is designed as ultra-compact, ultra-light and ultra-power saving for good portability and is useful

visiting welding. 

As the output current is DC, arc is stable and smooth. 

It features an inverter element with high performance I.G.B.T. for the high Duty cycle and extremely

low failure rate. 

Specifications and Dimensions

Order production is available over 300A
Type/Model Symbol EQUUS-160A EQUUS-200A EQUUS-250A
Rated input voltage V Single phase (1Φ)220 Single phase (1Φ)220 Single phase (1Φ)220
Rated input power KW 3.5 5.0 7.5
Rated output current A 10 ~ 160 20 ~ 200 30 ~ 250
Rated Duty cycle % 60 60 60
Rated frequency Hz 50/60 50/60 50/60
External dimensions(DⅹHⅹD) mm 300ⅹ360ⅹ200 155ⅹ400ⅹ240 280ⅹ440ⅹ210
Weight KG 8 11 18
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