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Product Name Convection Type Air Dryer
Model CD Series
Series Products
Product Description

To remove water, collect and reuse regenerated air that has been used for heating and cooling. Do not lose compressed air at all. 
 (Regenerated air consumption: 0%)  

ㆍProduction specification 
Capacity: 20,000 N㎥/HR or more
Dew point: PDP -40℃  

ㆍAdvantages and disadvantages 
Advantage: Does not consume regenerated air.
 1) Cold water or cooling water is required.
 2) The dew point may vary depending on the season because of wet air heating and cooling.
 3) It requires a number of installation areas and expenses.
 4) Significant pressure loss at a lower pressure than when regenerating air pressure by adjusting the valves to move the low pressure regenerated air towards high pressure air.  

ㆍClosed circuit The completely closed piping does not allow external air to contact oxygen, which is a good thing in dehumidify gases such as air, inert gas, nitrogen, oxygen, propane, butane, argon, ethylene and so on.
 1. No Noise
 There is absolutely no noise when the blower is running or discharging. Quiet operation is guaranteed all the time.
 2. Energy Saving
 Significantly reduce heater capacity with the heat of compression type that you can regenerate by using the compressed heat from the compressor with a simple circuit change to basic type.
 3. Variable
 Operate a multi-purpose air dryer to be used for both circulating regeneration and purge regeneration through simple manipulation.  

Eunha Air Tech Convection Type Air Dryer CD Series

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