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Product Name Round Heater Unit
Model EHS-0900
Series Enterpack
Product Description

- Product Name  :   Round heater unit 
- Model No  :   EHS-0900 
- Enterpack :   EHQ-200, EHM-200 
- Applicable film :  130mm 
- Input power/Power consumption :   220V 50 /60 Hz 250W
                                                  110V 50 /60 Hz 240W 
- Temp Range of Heater :   80 ~ 180 °C 
- Excellent Product Quality by way of the Production through Die-Cast Mold
- The Product Life of Heater Set is Superbly long with its even Heat Diffusion on the surface of
  Heater unit. because it is manufactured directly from Die-Cast Molding
- The Teflon Tape maintains excellent film-sealing on the Heater unit by Preventing any wrong
  film-feeding into .the machine
- Built-in Temp-Control Sensor
- Built-in Preventive Fuse aguinst over-heating
- Finely Processed Stainless Steel Blade with 3mm pitch for neat film-cutting
- No Health-hazardous Silicon Sponse, used to absorb any inpacts on film
- Specially customized Springs which can sustain even over 500,000 cycles of sealing
- No Health-hazardous Silicon Rubber Treatment on the vessel Plate for convenient washing
- Safety Lever, equipped for easy installing and removing