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Product Name Vertical Shaft Impactor
Model OVI-Series
Series Crushing
Product Description

DYTECO Omega series Vertical Shaft Impactor is widely applied at mining industries to achieve both shaping and sand making purpose. 
The Rock on Rock mechanism with rock box creates excellent crushing and high quality products.
DYTECO concentrates its efforts on reducing customers' operating cost and improving operators' reliability.
DYTECO Omega series Vertical Shaft Impactor has adopted with optimized rotor structure and Cascade type, to extend liner usage, minimize build-up and prevent overload with overfeeding.
Automatic sensors on critical parts make it possible to get remote control in operation room. 
Temperatures on driving bearing and main body vibration can also be checked and shown operating panel.
If any abnormal condition, firstly warning alarm signals and secondly machine stops automatically.

Special features & benefits

1. Automatic sensors on critical parts
2. Grease type on driving bearing
3. Optimized rotor structure
4. Cascade type


DYTECO Vertical Shaft Impactor OVI-Series

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