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Product Name Horizontal Twin Spindle
Model PUMA TW2600, TW2600-GL
Series Turning Centers
Catalog Horizontal Twin Spindle.pdf
Product Description

The high-performance twin spindle turning center is comparable to two machines in productivity, further enhancing productivity via gantry loader-based automation.


Product Overview

High Productivity 10 inch Class, 2 Spindle Turning Center

- Unrivaled productivity due to minimized idle time with minimized gantry loader handling time and increased indexing speed with servo-driven turret 

- High-power spindle max. 18.5 kW and 404 N·m high-torque spindle included as standard and additional optional features, for heavy-duty cutting work 

- Built-in Doosan Loader Guidance software for easy and convenient Gantry Loader operation and machine maintenance 


Doosan Machine Tools Horizontal Twin Spindle PUMA TW2600, TW2600-GL

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