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Product Name Horizontal High-performance
Model PUMA 2100Y II, 2100LY II
Series Turning Centers
Catalog Horizontal High-performance.pdf
Product Description

The high-rigidity, high-precision horizontal turning center features diverse sizes (compact to large) and functions (cutting to Y-axis milling)


Product Overview

High-performance Y-axis Horizontal Turning Center

- Accuracy and stability improved with the adoption of a built-in spindle mount. 
- Machining quality enhanced with sensor-type thermal displacement compensation and C-axis pitch error compensation functions. 
- Reduced load rate and improved durability during axis movement due to adoption of X / Y / Z-axis sliding bearings coupled with structural improvement. 
- 25% reduction of average non-cutting time and 6% reduction of total cycle time through the adoption of Doosan's unique processing optimization feature. 


Doosan Machine Tools Horizontal High-performance PUMA 2100Y II, 2100LY II

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