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Product Name Special Type Spiral Wound Gasket
Model ALS-M Series
Series Spiral Wound Gasket
Product Description

ALS No. 7404-M / 7406-M / 7408-M

Special S.W. gasket is manufactured and designed in a shape and dimension required at 150LBS~2500LBS pressure for boiler manhole, handhole and valve bonnet cover. 7404-M can be produced with SUS304 and Graphite Paper while 7406-M can be produced with SUS316 and Graphite Paper. 7408-M uses other metal materials.


Requirements for ordering Special S.W. gasket

Pressure range

Working temp

Gasket thickness (Ex: 3.2mm, 4.5mm, etc.)

Hoop material

For shape and dimension, refer to the below diagram.

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