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Product Name For reducing Sulfur Oxides
Series Environmental Equipment
Product Description

Dongbo Heavy Industries supplies equipment to reduce nitrohen oxides to deliver boilers without pollutants.



The technology to reduce sulfur oxides is divided into the Dry process, the Semi Dry process, and the Wet Process according to the use of water. 
 ( These methods have merits to remove acid harmful gas like HCI as well as surfur oxides ).
 Besides, there are circulation fluidization conbustion ,which currently, many power plants use. 

Dry Analysis
The dry analysis is the method to remove sulfur oxides by using an absorbent like calcium oxide, magnesium oxide.
 This method costs low construction expenses and operation expenses, doesn't bring about waste water. And the place needed is small with simple controll equipment.
 Whereas, there is a weakpoint that the deduction efficiency is low to the maximum 50%. 

Semi-Dry Analysis
Semi-dry analysis removes sulfur oxides by using Ca(OH)2 slurry.
 This method has the high reduction efficiency of the maximum 90%, and doesn't need waste water treatment. So its construction cost is more expensive than the dry process ,whereas is cheaper than the Wet process.
 Because it is needed to supply slack lime as the form of slurry, the equipment for supplying slurry is necessary. 

Wet analysis
Wet analysis removes sulfur oxides by using NaOH.
 It has the high reduction efficiency of 95%, but there is a weakpoint that it need the separate waste water treatment equipment because of the expensive construction cost. 

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