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Product Name Cogeneration Plant Boiler
Series Boiler Business
Product Description

A cogeneration plant is an economical plant which produces both heat and electric power. As the main components, the core equipment, comprise of the boiler and steam turbine, they act as the arteries and the heart of the facility. Accordingly, how well the plant runs is determined by the selection of the most efficient and stable boiler for the plant. Dongbo's Co-Generation Boiler contributes highly to a plant's success in terms of efficient design and stability.

 The boiler is generally used in the steel manufacturing, paper manufacturing, foods, and petrochemical industries, and is used in various ways. In some instances the synthetic fuel is used as a by-product, in other plants waste heat is used, and some cases electricity is used as a by-product for the use of low-pressure steam. 

ㆍ Selection of the boiler with the ideal capacity is possible.
ㆍ Energy efficiency increases.
ㆍ The cost of generation is low and the loss of power transmission and distribution is decreased.
ㆍ High productivity owing to the supply of high-quality electricity and steam 

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