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Product Name AR Coating by Wet Method
Model AR C-100
Series AR Coating Material
Product Description

ARC-100 (AR coating by wet method)
It's a new AR coating, coated by inorganic sol, not by previous evaporation vacuum coating and
has a good working efficiency and can save money and adjust to large-size substrates.

AR Coating Sol Features
· Water-base solution
· Use of organic materials
· AR coating by Sol-Gel method

AR Coating Sol Properties

· pH(@20℃) : 9.5
· Solid content(@20℃) : 1.5wt%
· Surface tension(@20℃) : 26 dyne/cm
· Viscosity(@20℃) : 1.5 cps

 AR Coating process  1) Coating method
· Dipping /Slit Coating/Sol-Gel Coating/Mist Coating
2) Coating process
· One layer coating by wet coating method

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