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Vehicles will always stay connected to the Internet on the road. Enjoy music streaming services on the road while receiving useful information on a navigation system that is essential for your journey. You can also check the location, speed, and fuel level of your vehicle via a monitor center, and view real-time driving footage through the camera installed on your vehicle. All products produced by Digiparts can be connected to the Internet.


Easily share or lend your vehicle with others. Search for available cars, unlock and use the vehicle without a key- all on your smartphone. You can even make mobile payments for using the vehicles. With Digiparts's connected car platform OTOPLUG, you can establish and operate a car sharing service or Fleet Management System (FMS) more easily.


We face many risks of unexpected incidents while driving. Digiparts's OTOWISE Mobile DVR has integrated the Advanced Driving Assistant System (ADAS) to prevent accidents. Up to 4 cameras record every single moment of an accident that a car, truck, or bus may encounter while on the road. Due to the connection to the Internet, the Monitor Center can review accident footage and allow faster management of the situation.

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