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Product Name Motor Coupled Volute Pump
Model DMC
Series Circulation and General Pumping Pump
Catalog DMC Motor Coupled Volute Pump.pdf
Product Description

-Discharge amount (m3/min)0.07 ~ 3.4 ㎥/m
-Total pump head (m):8 ~ 80 m
-Temperature (℃) :90 ℃
-Number of rotations (RPM) :1750, 3450 rpm (4, 2 Pole)
-Caliber (mm) :32 ~ 100 mm 



- The pump includes pump and motor (4 electrodes and 2 electrodes), with small installation area and being light. 

- There is no noise or vibration from the mismatch of the axis, accurate drive is possible with no liquid leakages, with high credibility and economic character.


- 4-pole boiler water . 

- Cooling and heating circulation in small space, general pumping 

- For water purifier, circulation an4 cooling tower


- As it is directly connected, there is small vibration and management is convenient

- The structure is simple, allowing ease of maintenance  

- Transport and installation are convenient due to its small size