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Product Name Individual lnverter Type Booster System
Model DBS-P
Series Booster Pump System
Product Description

-Discharge amount (m3/min)MAX. 18㎥/m
-Total pump head (m):MAX. 250m
-Temperature (℃) :MAX. 90℃
-Number of rotations (RPM) :3450 rpm
-Caliber (mm) :MAX. 300mm


- Applied to individual inverter per pump

- Released products which are pump combination set, inverter control panel and separated pressure tank type 

- It is possible to change of direction for entrance and exit by installing both directions on inhale discharge flange. 

- It is possible to control manifold gauge depend on sie condition. 

- It is possible to drive with optimized set pressure by quick response control technology of exclusive controller for pump

- Water supply for high-rise apartment, officetel, department store, commercial building, hotel, hospital, golf club, industrial facilities and etc. 

- Capricious area of water supply quantity and water supply of broad area

- Excellent energy saving by controlling rotation speed of pump based on water supply quantity

- Maintain the constant pressure till top part layer of building by pressurized water supply method

- Construction cost saving and fine appearance of building by removing water tank from rooftop 

- Supply pure drinking water by using stainless steel material which is suitable for sanitary safety standards for water supply (Product which obtained KC certificate)

- Improved reliability of system by maintain stable water pressure with minimizing pressure deviation during operation

- Maximized mechanical efficiency