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Product Name Desulfurization Facilities
Series Soot Blower
Product Description

A soot blower is system that effectively removes ashes or other attachments piled on the surface in contact with combustible gas such as boilers, fired heaters and other heat exchange devices.
Use of soot blowing contributes to enhancing heat efficiency and increasing the rate of facility operations. Soot blowers are needed by such facilities as power plant boilers, urban and industrial waste management facilities, fire heaters, denitrification facilities and desulfurization facilities.



Retractable GGH Soot Blower

It is cleaning equipment of Rotary type gas to gas heater.
Multi-nozzle block is installed at lance tube and it becomes effective soot blowing.
High pressure water lance and nozzle block are attached for On-stream-washing(OSW).
Thus, Water washing is able.
Long retractable GGH soot blower (PLRL-GGH) or Part retractable GGH soot blower (PLRP-GGH) will be selected and provided by customer's requirements or installation space limitation.

DAEOUNG MACHINERY Desulfurization Facilities

DAEOUNG MACHINERY Desulfurization Facilities  1

- Maximize construct stiffness with strong fame of box type.

- Minimize the movement silence and shake by Dual rack and pinion drive.

- Blowing that make forward and backward movement of lance tube with 1 motor.

- Maximize blowing efficiency by applying high efficiency ventri nozzles.

- Low noise operation with an enclosed reducer and carriage.

- Spray pressure control unit in Poppet valve enables to control the nozzle pressure.

- It is convenient for maintenance because each model of poppet valve is in common use.


DAEOUNG MACHINERY Desulfurization Facilities  2

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