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Product Name Low Inertia High Torque Motor For Actuator
Series Products
Product Description
Capacity 1/4 ~ 50HP
Voltage 200 ~ 480V
Pole 2P, 4P
Frequency 50Hz, 60Hz
Warter-proof IP-68(IEC-529)
Explosion-proof Ex d ll B T4(IEC-79)
Cooling Method Self-cooling Type
Characteristic - For Actuators Motor
- Light weight with Aluminum Frame and Cover
- Low Inertia, High Torque
- NEMA Design D
- Water proof, Explosion proof Design.
- CE Certified
Applications - Water supply & sewage facilities and
   thermal/hydro power plant facilities
- Gas, Petroleum and Chemical facilities
- Cement and anti-pollution facilities
- Watergate and air conditioning plants
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