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RETROFITS / On-Site Service

 In general, problems with control valves have been rectified by repairing or replacing outdated valves with the plant shut down, resulting in huge time and cost involved. To help improve the situation, BFS offers a solution, quick retrofitting of the control valve by only changing its internal parts while installed, which results in customer satisfaction in performance and time and cost savings.

 This retrofit process includes an engineering survey of the entire operating conditions and system and maintenance aftermarket support. 

ㆍAn engineered solution incorporating BFS designed trim into an existing valve body 
ㆍFit into most globe and angle cage guided valves 
ㆍBFS complete responsibility of the retrofitted valve.. 
ㆍFull documentation provided. 
ㆍReplacement parts available. 
ㆍProvide advanced technology into existing valve bodies. 

Benefit of Retrofit

ㆍImproved performance over existing hardware. 
ㆍLower installation costs 
    ; No cutting and no welding. 
    ; No pipe modification for different face to face dimensions. 
ㆍEasy funding from maintenance budgets. 
ㆍLower risk than buying a new valve 
ㆍMinimized Plant down time. 
ㆍSolution to unavailable parts for older valve.. 

Retrofit Application.

ㆍAuxiliary feed-water control valve
ㆍFeedwater Main control valve
ㆍFeedwater Recirculation control valve 
ㆍFeedwater Minimum flow control valve
ㆍAttemperater spray control valve(HP/LP)
ㆍReactor water cleanup control valve
ㆍCondensate recirculation control valve
ㆍAuxiliary pump recirculation control valve
ㆍRecirculation, DA level control valve
ㆍSteam let-down, control valve
ㆍAuxiliary Stem control valve
ㆍCondenser steam dump control valve
ㆍAtmospheric steam dump control valve
ㆍTurbine Bypass(HP/IP/LP) valve 
ㆍWellhead choke valve 
ㆍCompressor recycle control valve
ㆍCompressor anti-surge, valve
ㆍWater injection control valve
ㆍInjection control, valve
ㆍGas to flare 
ㆍSevere Service Control Valves

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