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Product Name Velocity control trim
Model X[iks]-trim series
Series Products
Catalog X-trim Catalogue.pdf
Product Description

BFS Co., Ltd. Velocity control trim X[iks]-trim series  BFS Co., Ltd. Velocity control trim X[iks]-trim series 1

X[iks]-trim / Severe Service Application Control Valves

 BFS designed X[iks]-trim incorporates a unique advanced design that is superb at limiting flowing velocities to low levels resulting in valve providing service that is quiet, non cavitating and non-erosive, which answer, the need for a valve capable of handling high differential pressure liquids and gases such as water, oil, steam, natural gas, petroleum products and chemicals 

- Higher Reliability
- Lower Noise
- Better Control
- Decrease Maintenance Costs
- Improved Plant Performance
- Increased MW output and reduced leakage costs.
- Safer Plant Operating Conditions
- Longer Intervals Between Maintenance
- Reduced System Costs Lower Cost of Ownership

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