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Product Name 3-way valve
Model TD/TM-Series
Series Products
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Product Description

BFS Co., Ltd. 3-way valve TD/TM-Series  BFS Co., Ltd. 3-way valve TD/TM-Series 1

Three-way Diverting & Mixing Service / TD,TM series

The mixing type uses a single seated body in combination with a special bottom port assembly with Mixing Service, the three-way valve has two inlet ports and one outlet, and is used to combine two fluids in variable proportions.

TD series
The three-way valve is used to split one inlet stream into two outlets, or the incoming flow can be entirely diverted to or the other of the two outlet ports.

- Heavy Guiding : Construction of the TM/TD Series includes top guiding in the plug, as well as   guiding within the seat ring locations providing an extermely well supported and stable design.

- High Capacity : Large flow galleries in the TM/TD Series provide high capacity designs with   low pressure recoveries. High critical flow factors are attained in both mixing and diverting configurations.

- Flow Stability : The TM/TD Series a dual seated design with flow tending to open the valve at   both ports. This provides inherent dynamic stable resulting in excellent throtting control performance.

- Wide Operating Range : Design are available in various sizes and can be configured to operate   within an extremely wide temperature range. This is accomplished through use of high performance materials and design configurations.

- NACE Compliance : Construction for Sour Service Application in accordance with NACE   standard MR 0103 is readily available. Application requiring compliance to MR 0175, 2003 Rev or ISO 15156 can also be provided.

- Seat Leakage Class : Class II shut-off is standard leakage rating. Class III and IV can be   provided depending on application service conditions. Consult with factory on Class III and IV applications and requirements.

- Accessories & Option : Extension Bonnet / Limit Stop / Body Drain Plug / NACE Compliance /   Other Materials / Oxygen Cleaning Non-Destructive Examination / Electric Actuator.

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