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Product Name Eccentric & V-Notch valve
Model ER/VR-Series
Series Products
Catalog BFS-ER,VR 8P-eps.pdf
Product Description

BFS Co., Ltd. Eccentric & V-Notch valve ER/VR-Series  BFS Co., Ltd. Eccentric & V-Notch valve ER/VR-Series 1

Eccentric Rotating Plug Valve / ER series

 The ER's series is a heavy-duty automatic throttling control valve which incorporates into it's design the following

- Heavy-duty guide lugs assure quick positive alignment during installation.
- Large capacity ; Because of stream lined body no bottleneck inside, ER's has a large capacity approximately same as conventional butterfly valve.
- ER's operated very smoothly even at alow opening because of the unique eccentrically rotating mechanism so that control capability is widened remarkably through wide range of flow road.
- ER's has good dynamic stability due to the unique plug design and cross.
- Sectional view of body which are developed under the long time hydrodynamic investigation.
- Flange of Flangeless type connection.

V-Notch Rotating Plug Valve / VR series 

 The VR-series is a combines globe valve. A shearing action between the V-notch plug and the plug seal promotes smooth, non-clogging operation. The straight-through flow design provides high capacity for gas, steam, liquids, and fibers slurries. The design VR mate with a variety of ANSI raised face flanges, as well as with DIN & KS(JIS) flanges.

- One piece body ; Body design is robust and the body is not operationally affected by pipeline forces, flange gasket contact surfaces are continuous to accept all type of standard flange gasket, one-piece body avoids body leak paths.

- High rangeability : VR's have a rangeability of 150:1(standard) which ensures controllability of high turn down processes, high rangeability compensates for changes in process conditions.

- Low torque requirement : As opposed to many constructions, VR's are trunnion mounted with both shafts supported by low friction bearings.

- Excellent tightness with metal seats : VR's are metal seated and feature bidirectional tightness, in flow direction tightness is better than 0.0000002 x rates Cv value.

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