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Product Name Choke valve
Model CC-Series
Series Products
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Product Description

BFS Co., Ltd. Choke valve CC-Series  BFS Co., Ltd. Choke valve CC-Series 1

Choke Valve / API-6A 

Punched X[iks]-trim Application Choke Valve for the production and processing of crude oil & natural gas. 

Advantage of BFS choke valves
- Improves sell production time.
- Enhances control at wellhead
- Reduces costs associated with maintenance and repair.
- Improves ability to accommodate change in well operating conditions.
- Enhances the safety and reliability of production facility.
- X[iks]-trim outperforms single stage average of 5 time longer life.
- Reduce the risk of needing replace & maintenance for worn valves.

BFS Co., Ltd. Choke valve CC-Series 2

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