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Product Name Baler
Model MARKANT-Series
Series Product Description
Product Description



ㆍThe baler is a patent item of CLAAS in Germany with the most accurate performance. 

ㆍThe baling knot is short and has no blockage to prevent livestock's indigestion. 

ㆍPower is connected by a drive shaft and a chain without slip semi-permanently. 

ㆍThe tightness of baled items is adjustable with tight baling in any conditions. 

ㆍThe special aluminum alloy needle has little breakage with lightness and durability. 

ㆍAn overturning clutch and safety bolt in a pickup part protect the frame in case of overloading. 

ㆍA 3 point throw bar and sub wheels make easy moving and rotating along field paths. 

ㆍIt has a wide working range and easy vertical movements because of hydraulic pressure which makes it very efficient in baling. 

ㆍThe cutting system of baling is perfect for clean cutting. 

ㆍConsisting of 90 % of home-made parts allows for easy part replacement at low prices.