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Product Name Anti Scale & Corrosion System
Series Water Treatment System
Product Description

Some can be ever-present bacteria, viruses and microorganisms. It should also be installed in the most suitable sterilization device characteristics, intended use of the site for the processing of these bacterial debris.  

Micro Filter

AQUAGOLD Anti Scale & Corrosion System

ㆍDosing using dosing pumps chlorine and chemicals for disinfection  
ㆍDrug dosing pumps, chemicals tank configuration, automatic control panel/td> 
ㆍThis is excellent and inexpensive sterilization 
ㆍCooling water, drinking water, swimming pools, for other sterilization 

U/V Sterilizer

AQUAGOLD Anti Scale & Corrosion System  1

ㆍUsing ultraviolet light bacteria, microorganisms clean sterile 
ㆍUV lamps, CHAMBER, automatic configuration control board 
ㆍClean and no secondary contamination 
ㆍDrinking water, food, medical use 

S/C Ion Sterilizer

AQUAGOLD Anti Scale & Corrosion System  2

ㆍBy electrolysis of copper ions released moss, bacteria, microbe killing 
ㆍConfiguring ION CHAMBER, CONTROL, automatic control panel 
ㆍInstallation is simple and low maintenance costs 
ㆍFor use, for sterilizing swimming pool water circulation

Ozone Generator

AQUAGOLD Anti Scale & Corrosion System  3

ㆍInjecting ozone (O3) in the system to sterilization, oxidation decomposition 
ㆍOZONE GENERATOR, composed MIXER, automatic control panel  
ㆍThere are many cost-effective installation is relatively good 
ㆍDrinking water, cooling water, used for swimming pool disinfection 

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