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Product Name Projector & Photo-receiver
Model AH-NSP00 Series
Series Safety light curtain
Product Description

Projector & photo-receiver combination-type protection equipment-SP00

Feature of Possibility storehouse protection system

Projector & photo-receiver combination-type protection equipment insanity, the possibility insanity is separating separately and it complements the dead zone where it is a problem point of reflection method completely and a product which is produced with rim structure to inside the protection height which holds from possibility insane which the detection is possible, each optical axis optical axis regulation percentage necessary without tuve storehouse and shade condition second when the discrimination is possible with indication of the ramp which is brief it is.

In order for the application to be possible even in smallness one work space, it was produced it is a product of superior efficiency with small size.

Anhyup Projector & Photo-receiver AH-NSP00 Series


•Guard post type
•Minimization of establishment space
•10m/s Answer back speed below
•The function internal organs which is various
•When the light shades, power output contact opens OFF(DARK BREAK)
•When the light shades, power output contact closes ON (DARK MAKE)
•Smallness one space establishment ease
•Semiconductor equipment
•Automation robot line
•Formation machinery
•packing machinery
Anhyup Projector & Photo-receiver AH-NSP00 Series 1

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