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Product Name High Pressure Manifolds
Model DY116S-9901, DY116S-9902, DY116S-9903, DY116S-9904, DY116S-9905, DY116S-9906, DY116S-5501, DY116S-5502, DY116S-5503, DY116S-5504, DY116S-5505, DY116S-5506
Series Fishery Equipment
Product Description

Angelaqua High Pressure Manifolds DY116-Series

Use with 8mm hose

Code No. A B C D E F
DY116S-9901 DY116S-9902 DY116S-9903 DY116S-9904 DY116S-9905 DY116S-9906
Size (㎜) Ø9 X 1Way Ø9 X 2Way Ø9 X 3Way Ø9 X 4Way Ø9 X 5Way Ø9 X 6Way


Use with 4mm hose

Code No. A B C D E F
DY116S-5501 DY116S-5502 DY116S-5503 DY116S-5504 DY116S-5505 DY116S-5506
Size (㎜) Ø5 X 1Way Ø5 X 2Way Ø5 X 3Way Ø5 X 4Way Ø5 X 5Way Ø5 X 6Way



ㆍAdjustment of oxygen supply for live fish.


Product Features

ㆍDurable meter with polycarbonate extruded insert.

ㆍSmooth handle operation allows precise adjustment.

ㆍEasy to repair extruded manifolds with excellent pressure resistance.


Instructions for Use

ㆍDo not over tighten or impact handle.


Angelaqua High Pressure Manifolds DY116-Series 1

By product specifications

  DY116N-Series DY116F-Series
Operating Pressure 5㎏f/㎠ / 70PSI
Pesistance Pressure
0.00 / 0.0000 10ℓ/min 0.01 / 0.142
0.02 / 0.284 20ℓ/min 0.04 / 0.568
0.03 / 0.426 30ℓ/min 0.09 / 1.280
Q'TY of Hole 1hole ~ 6holes
Available nipple (Ø) Ø5,Ø6,Ø8,Ø9
Measuring rage (ℓ/min)   8ℓ/min, 30ℓ/min


Product Features

ㆍEasy to adjust needle valve.

ㆍChromium plated brass nipple

ㆍStainless steel float in plastic tube from DY116F provides excellent resistance against decay. Check approximate oxygen volume from gradation on plastic tube.

ㆍExtruded manifolds provide excellent pressure resistance and corrosion resistance.

ㆍEasy to repair.


Product configuration and materials

Body Brass & PC
Needle Valve Lipple Brass + Chromium Plating
Tube & Cover PC
Float SUS
Manifold A/L + Plating

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