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Product Name EPDM - Membrane Diffuser
Model DY1002-10, DY1002-15, DY1002-20, DY1002-25, DY1002-30, DY1002-35, DY1002-40, DY1002C-20
Series Rubber Spreader
Product Description

Angelaqua EPDM - Membrane Diffuser DY1002-Series


Code No. Size (㎜) Size (inch) Jetting Volume Use Range Hole
Hole No.
Per Piece
A DY1002-10 250L X Ø30 10" X Ø1.2" 10~15ℓ/min 0~30ℓ/min 0.8㎜ 2,400 240㎠
B DY1002-15 380L X Ø30 15" X Ø1.2" 15~25ℓ/min 0~50ℓ/min 0.8㎜ 3,600 360㎠
C DY1002-20 510L X Ø30 20" X Ø1.2" 20~25ℓ/min 0~70ℓ/min 0.8㎜ 4,800 480㎠
D DY1002-25 640L X Ø30 25" X Ø1.2" 25~45ℓ/min 0~90ℓ/min 0.8㎜ 6,000 600㎠
E DY1002-30 760L X Ø30 30" X Ø1.2" 30~55ℓ/min 0~110ℓ/min 0.8㎜ 7,200 720㎠
F DY1002-35 890L X Ø30 35" X Ø1.2" 35~65ℓ/min 0~130ℓ/min 0.8㎜ 8,400 840㎠
G DY1002-40 1000L X Ø30 40" X Ø1.2" 40~75ℓ/min 0~150ℓ/min 0.8㎜ 9,600 960㎠
C1 DY1002C-20 510L X Ø30 X 4   80~140ℓ/min 0~280ℓ/min   19,200 1,920㎠
※ It is possible to change 1002-Series into 1002C-Series.

ㆍConnector : Ø9 / Option : 1/4, 3/8, 1/2PF, Ø19Nipple

ㆍHole diameter: Alteration possible according to buyer’s order.

Angelaqua EPDM - Membrane Diffuser DY1002-Series 1



ㆍFish farms, large live fish tanks, waste water treatment, plating and large aerators for industrial use.



ㆍEDPM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer)
weather resistant synthetic rubber with excellent ozone, heat and solvent resistance.

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