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Product Name GlucoDr. Slim
Model AGM-2300
Series SMBG
Product Description  


ㆍ Product Name Gluco Dr. Slim 
ㆍ Model Name AGM-2300 
ㆍ Method Electrochemical method 
ㆍ Blood Sample Volume  2 ul (Two microliters) 
ㆍ Test Strip Gluco Dr. Slim Test Strip or Gluco Dr. SuperSensor Test Strip 
ㆍ Test Range 20 ~ 900mg/dL 
ㆍ Test Time 10 Seconds 
ㆍ Calibration Button 
ㆍ Battery One CR 2032 Lithium battery  
ㆍ Battery Life Approximately 1,000 tests 
ㆍ Test unit mg/dL or mmol/L 
ㆍ Temperature and  Humidity 10 ~ 40℃, Less than 85% 
ㆍ Hematocrit range 20 ~ 60% 
ㆍ Operating altitude  (meter) up to 2,500m  
ㆍ Size 115 x 29 x 14 (mm) 
ㆍ Weight 33g (including battery) 
ㆍ Display 44.5 x 22.6 (mm) LCD 
ㆍ Memory Capacity 250 test results 
ㆍ Auto shutdown 2 minutes after testing. 5 seconds after removing test strip. 10 seconds after last action in memory mode. 


All Medicus GlucoDr. Slim AGM-2300


All Medicus GlucoDr. Slim AGM-2300 1

ㆍ Carrying Case 
ㆍ User manual 
ㆍ GlucoDr. Slim Test Meter 
ㆍ GlucoDr. Slim Test Strip or GlucoDr. SuperSensor Test Strip 
ㆍ Lithum Battery (installed) 
ㆍ Lancing Device 
ㆍ Lancets 



All Medicus GlucoDr. Slim AGM-2300 2

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