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Product Name
Series Motion Chip
Product Description

ㆍ Four axis pulse output type motion control chip 
ㆍ Maximum pulse rate of up to 10Mpps 
ㆍ Support various driving modes of fixed number of pulses, continuous, signal detection, and MPG  Support one/two pulse output type  
ㆍ Automatic generation of symmetric/asymmetric trapezoid and S-curve velocity profile  
ㆍ Built-in 5pieces of 28 bit up/down encoder counter  
ㆍ Trigger output function with periodic or random output  
ㆍ Synchronization function between axes 
ㆍ Script and caption function for real time event processing 
ㆍ Provide various interrupt sources of 32 types 
ㆍ Velocity and position override function  
ㆍ Universal 12/12 channels of input/output 
ㆍ Software limit, ring counter, digital filter, and many other useful functions 
Ajinextek  CAMC-QI

Ajinextek  CAMC-QI 1

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