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Product Name Sig Feed
Model Sig Feed
Series Product
Product Description

Till now, the feeding on the folder gluer machine was manual method.

So it is needed too many exclusive responsible workers for feeding, more than 2 for high-speed automatic glueing in cases.

As the result, the production cost rises with the labor cost rising and the efficiency get down with workers’ physical strength lowering.

Using the automatic feeding machine (Sig Feed) which is installed prior to the feeder section of pre-existing folder gluer machine separately, you can load the carton glueing objects in quantity and work at high-speed with the minimum workers.

Also through the stable feeding, it is expected that you can cut the prime cost by cutting down the labor cost. Our Signature Sig Feed can be installed to all other folder gluer machines as well as all our Signature folder gluer.

- Technical Data

1. Open biank width   100~900mm

2. Blank length   90~600mm