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Product Name Roto Braille
Model Roto Braille
Series Product
Product Description

Today the western advanced countries impose the embossed braille on the packing box so that the blind can recognize the specification.

Also Korea will introduce a bill. The methods of embossing braille as follows: by the press machine and by Thomson press machine.

But using these, the blind are hard to recognize it because height of Braille dot is low.

Besides the embossed braille is damaged in the last production stage and the production cost rises because of low production efficiency as well.

Our company’s braille machine installed the next the feeder section improved above shortcomings.

The height of dot is agreed with the worldwide standard; above 0.25mm with high-speed and precision.

It is the first machine in the world.

 - Technical Data

1. Productive Capacity    max. 100,000 pcs/Hr

2. Dot Height   over 0.25mm