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Product Name Grease Lubrication Pump
Model AHGP-700 Type
Series Grease Lubrication Pump
Product Description

A-ryung machinery  AHGP-700 Type

- AHGP-700 type is small manual plunger grease pump and useful to lubricate in short distance. It is possible to oil many points with single line distributor (ARU-R type).

- It is easy to change the cartridge, and broadly used press, conveyor, crane, special vehicles, ship, paper and various machine.

- The outlet is located either side viewing from in front of lever, but located right side when it provides from original products.

- Even the reservoir material is strong plastic, and be careful when cleaning by using thinner or chemical liquid.

- The grease grades should be used clear and good qualified grease with in NLGI No. #000-#2.

- If the grease is mixed with different types, it can be stained or occurred chemical reaction.

- Should avoid to pull strongly out or press the pump lever. It possibly make pump broken.