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모델명 ZP-1000
시리즈 Irrigation System


 ● Irrigation Pump 
- Easy to set FLOW and RPM value using UP and DOWN buttons.

- Total volume of the injected fluid is displayed.

- Easy to reset total volume injected  using CLEAR button.

- ERROR indicator lights on and warning sound indicate it when error occurs.


● Suction Pump

Oilless piston type vacuum pump that has a strong suction power is adopted.

Triple overflow protection system
 - Floating valve inside of 3,000cc bottle
 - Overflow sensor: Pump stop when overflow occurs.
 - Overflow filter: Hole of filter is blocked when it gets wet.

Silicon hose for infiltration and suction
 - Almost no transformation for long-time using.
 - No blockage thanks to good elasticity of silicon hose.

3,000cc bottle for suction: High strength and high thermal resistance.

- CE, ISO13485, KFDA certified.




 550mm * 1020mm * 430mm
 Weight 35Kg
 Power Supply AC 110V or 230V
 Frequency 50/60 Hz
 Max. 780 VA
 Fuse T 6.3 AL/250V
 Flow rate 12.5~1375 ml/min.The degree of vacuum 680 mmHg
 Accuracy ± 10% ml/min. Accuracy Max. >= 680 mmHg -10%
   Displacement 100 L/min.
   Pump Oil-less piston type
 motor pump




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