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    RFIC Test & Taping M/C
    탭핑 머신

    제품 소개


    - Bowl or Stick Input
    - Top Vision
    - 4 Test Stage (for Reducing Test Time)
    - Bin Sorting
    - T&R

    생산 제품

    탭핑 머신

    Test Taping
    Marking Taping
    VCO, ASM, FEM Taping M/C
    VCO Taping M/C
    Chip SMD Taping M/C
    Bowl to Taping
    RFIC Test & Taping M/C
    RF SMD Taping M/C
    Chip Antenna Taping M/C
    SOP IC
    Saw Filter Taping M/C
    Bowl To Taping
    Security Taping M/C
    Potentio Meter Taping M/C
    Tube To Taping M/C
    Chip Opto Device Taping M/C
    Chip Taping M/C
    TSSOP Taping M/C
    Semi Auto Taping M/C
    Marking & Taping M/C
    MLF Test & Taping M/C

    테스트 핸들러

    Dip Handler
    Semi-auto Handler
    Chip Handler
    SOIC Handler
    Tube to Tube Handler
    Chip Device Taping M/C
    In-Line Handler
    Bowl to Tubing
    Tray to Tray Mover
    Chip Antenna Handler
    Opto Device Handler
    Substrate Handler
    Chip Scale Package Handler
    2-Para Handler
    CSP Test & Taping M/C

    로더 / 언로더

    Laser Trimer Loader
    Laser Trimer Loader
    Furnace Unloader
    Furnace Loader
    Wire Bonder Handler
    Laser Marking M/C


    Tray Packing M/C
    자동 조립, 시험, 포장 장비
    Reel Vision 검사기
    Cap Marking M/C
    SIP Lead Inserter
    Chip LED Mounter
    Coating M/C
    R/M Assemble M/C
    Wire Bonder Handler
    Polishing M/C