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We have been engaged in designing and manufacturing towing carriage for model ship test in marine engineering for over 30 years. We have met our customers’ various demands from a very small-scale carriage for education and research in university to a large-scale carriage for a major shipbuilding company. It includes the carriage for ice tank operate in a cool environment of minus 40 degrees C.            
We still respond to confidence of customers with our excellent experiences. 

Also, we will employ cutting-edge technologies to achieve further high efficiency, reliability and satisfactory maintainability.
Although the DC servo drive has been heavily used for driver system of towing carriage in the past, we have put the communicative drive that control AC servo motor’s speed with a special control system a few years ago and it achieved high-precision and high-responsive.
Sometime harmonic noise from an inverter became a problem for AC servo system, but it became of little concern by the adoption of sophisticated harmonic filter.
We are convinced that it will be replaced by AC servo drive further in the future.

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