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  • 신양기술

    Polyethylene Moulding
    방위사업 - 특수케이블 조립체 (군사용)

    제품 소개

    Hydro Bond have been moulding, splicing polyethelen cables for over 25 years, originally the technique was developed in conjunction with the MOD (Ministry of Defence) at foxhill as Polyethelene (PE) cables were used extensively on all UK submarines. Hydro Bond is and MOD qualified contractor for this type of moulding. Hydro Bond developed its own in house primers for bonding polyethylene to various types of metals - including titanium, monel, silicon bronze, stainless steel and aluminium. The processes involved included surface preparation, deoxidation, etching, priming prior to the moulding operation.
    If you require polyetheline moulding expertise for cable splicing or jointing we can discuss your requirement to deliver a confident result.
    PE moulding is a highly specialised process which can be performed in house, we have also developed the process to be carried out in the field while maintaining the quality control procedures and work instruction standards which are consistant with BS EN 9001/2000

    Shinyang Technology Polyethylene Moulding
    ㆍSplice from PU to PE
    ㆍCable Terminations
    ㆍTowed Array Sonars
    ㆍHigh Voltage Cables  

    생산 제품


    Water Tight Bulkhead glands optical
    Cable Splicing Kits - Hydro Group
    Composite 케이블 - Hydro Group
    Aerostat 케이블
    Cathodic Protection 케이블
    Coax 케이블 & 콘넥터
    Diver Comms 케이블 - Hydro Group
    Dynamic Flow Line Control 케이블 - Hydro Group
    Diver Video 케이블 - Hydro Group
    Main Lift Tether 케이블 - Hydro Group
    Fibre Optic 케이블 - Hydro Group
    Neutrally Buoyant Tether 케이블 - Hydro Group
    HXD (Hydrobond EExd / EExde) - Hydro Group
    HYB & HRS - Hydro Group
    Fibre Link Deep Field Penetrator - Hydro Group
    HCC 콘넥터
    HDM (Hydrobond Deck Mate) - Hydro Group
    HMK 콘넥터 - Hydro Group
    HMC Mini 콘넥터 (Electrical / Fibre Optic)
    HRS Electrical 콘넥터 - Hydro Group
    HRC Hydro Renewables 콘넥터
    Field Installable 터미네이션
    Optical Penetrators - Hydro Group
    HPS Electrical Penetrators - Hydro Group
    Kellems Pulling and Cable Support Grips
    Strain 터미네이션 - Hydro Group
    Partial Discharge - Hydro Group
    Breakout Moulds - Hydro Group
    C200 Encapsulation Polyurethane
    Cathodic Delamination Protection
    Custom Design Polyurethane Moulding
    Electrical Testing Services - Hydro Group
    Field Service - Hydro Group
    Engineering Services -Hydro Group
    Optical Testing Services - Hydro Group
    Polyethylene Moulding
    Environmental Electrical 콘넥터 - Hydro Group
    Pressure Hull Gland - Hydro Group


    케이블 핸드링 - Cumberland Grip
    케이블 핸드링 - Cumberland Slider
    수중부력 - Buoyancy Matehal Selection
    클램핑 솔루션 - Rigid Riser Clamps
    수중부력 - Flowline Buoyancy
    클램핑 솔루션 - Pipeline Centralisers
    클램핑 솔루션 - Bundle Clamps
    수중부력 - Distributed Buoyancy Modules
    클램핑 솔루션 - Polyurethane Spacers
    수중부력 - ROV Buoyancy
    클램핑 솔루션 - Polyloop™ Securing Systems
    수중부력 - Pipeline Installation Buoys
    표층부력 - Mooring Buoys
    클램핑 솔루션 - Piggyback Clamps
    수중부력 - Modular Subsea Buoys
    표층부력 - Telemark™ Cable Marker Buoys
    수중부력 - Linksyn™
    클램핑 솔루션 - Tether Clamps
    클램핑 솔루션 - Compliant Clamps
    클램핑 솔루션 - Riser Clamps
    수중부력 - Umbilical Floats
    표층부력 - Hawser Flotation
    표층부력 - Booms
    화재 방지 - Active Type
    수중부력 - Trimsyn™ & Trimlok™
    표층부력 - Anchor Pendant Buoys
    표층부력 - Modular Buoys
    표층부력 - General Surface Support Buoys
    화재 방지 - Passive Type
    케이블 & 관로 - Uraduct®
    수중부력 - Subsea Arch
    표층부력 - OCIMF Submarine Hose Floats
    부식 방지 - Properties
    케이블 & 관로 - Uraduct®+
    표층부력 - Reducers & Y Pieces
    표층부력 - Navigation Buoys
    부식 방지 - Riser Pipe Protection
    케이블 & 관로 - Polyspace™
    케이블 & 관로 - Uraduct® Retrofit Riser System
    엘라스토머 베어링
    엘라스토머 베어링 - Anti Vibration Mounting and Shock Pads
    엘라스토머 베어링 - Leg Mating Units & Module Support Bearings
    케이블 & 관로 - Polymat™
    케이블 & 관로 - Spiraduct+
    케이블 & 관로 - Flange Protectors
    케이블 & 관로 - Vortex Induced Vibration (VIV) Suppression
    단열 - Subsea Structure Insulation
    단열 - Vikotherm
    단열 - XMT Insulation
    단열 - Application Techniques
    단열 - Manifolds & Jumpers
    단열 - Doghouse
    단열 - Field Services
    단열 - Testing and Development
    펜더링 솔루션 - Foam Fenders - Trelleborg
    펜더링 솔루션 - SCK Cell Fenders
    펜더링 솔루션 - Super Cone Fenders
    펜더링 솔루션 - Roller Fenders
    펜더링 솔루션 - Cushion Roller Fenders
    펜더링 솔루션 - Wheel Fenders
    펜더링 솔루션 - Modular Fenders
    펜더링 솔루션 - Ladder Fenders
    펜더링 솔루션 - Parallel Motion Fenders
    드릴링 솔루션 - Crushable Foam Wrap
    드릴링 솔루션 - Drill Riser Buoyancy Modules
    드릴링 솔루션 - Rigid Riser Ancillaries
    케이블 핸드링 - Lead-In Bend Assemblies
    케이블 핸드링 - Flotation/Towing Boot
    케이블 핸드링 - Connector Mounted Assembly
    케이블 핸드링 - Ammonite
    과도 휨 조절 - Bend Stiffeners
    케이블 핸드링 - J-tube seals
    과도 휨 조절 - Bending Restrictors
    수중부력 - Transponder Floats
    펜더링 솔루션 - Unit Element Fenders


    수중 음향 - Multibeam Imaging Sonar
    Gemini 720is
    수중 음향 - Correlation Velocity Log (CVL)-Tritech
    수중 음향 - Tritech-Eclipse
    수중 음향 - Link-Quest
    TrackLink 5000LC, TrackLink 5000MA, TrackLink 5000HA
    수중 음향 - Tritech (4000m)
    Gemini 620pd
    해양 물리 - Tritech-Heavy Duty Hydraulic Pan & Tilt Unit
    수중 음향 - Tritehc
    StarFish 452F
    해양 물리 - ACABS-2
    해양 물리 - LinkQuest
    FIowScout 600/2000
    해양 물리 - LinkQuest
    FlowQuest 2000
    해양 물리 - Hydraulic Pan & Tilt Unit-Tritech
    해양 지질 - Echo Sounder-Knudsen
    Sounder 1600
    해양 지질 - Echo Sounder-Knudsen
    Sounder 1610
    해양 지질 - Echo Sounder-Knudsen
    Chirp 3200
    해양 지질 - Echo Sounder-Knudsen
    Chirp 3260
    해양 지질 - Echo Sounder-Knudsen
    기상 관측 - FT TECH
    해양 지질 - Echo Sounder-Knudsen
    기상 관측 - FT TECH
    수중카메라 - Super SeaSpy-Tritech
    기상 관측 - FT TECH
    수중 컬러 카메라 (Typhoon)-Tritech
    수중카메라 - Hydro-Cam-Hydro Group
    저광용 수중 흑백 카메라 (Tornado) -Tritech
    수중카메라 - Hydro-Lite 400-Hydro Group
    Tritech- Micron INS
    Hydraulic Power Unit
    Hydraulic Linear Winches
    Special Hydraulic Jacks
    Mooring Sheathed Cable Laying Grippers
    수중 음향 - Tritehc
    Gemini 720i
    해양 지질 - Echo Sounder-Knudsen
    Sounder 1620
    수중 음향 - Tritehc
    StarFish 990F

    모니터링 시스템

    수질환경 - 교각 고정식
    수질환경 - 수심적응기능성 수질자동 측정시스템
    수질환경 - 보트형 부이
    수질환경 - Cement Detection Surveys
    해양관측 - 해양종합 관측부이
    해양관측 - 수직연직 순환관측 뜰개
    해양관측 - 해양연직수질 관측부이
    해양관측 - 광역식 해류관측 부이
    해양관측 - OceanFIND
    DigiCP Digital CP Probe
    C-switch Underwater Switch
    수질환경 - 부이식
    종합 기상관측장치
    해양관측 - 이동해류 관측 부이
    해양관측 - OceanSTROBE
    기상관측 - 분진 자동 채집장치


    Leak Detection Surveys
    OceanSENSE - Cement Detection System
    Verticality Surveys
    OceanSENSE - Subsea and Pipeline Leak Detection

    방위사업 - 특수케이블 조립체 (군사용)

    Polyethylene Moulding
    Custom Design Polyurethane Moulding
    Main Lift Tether Cables - Hydro Group
    Neutrally Buoyant Tether 케이블 - Hydro Group
    Aerostat 케이블
    Lanyard Release 콘넥터
    HRS Electrical 콘넥터 - Hydro Group
    Pressure Hull Gland
    Partial Discharge - Hydro Group
    Water Tight Bulkhead glands optical

    방위사업 - 항만 감시 &방어 시스템

    Tritech-Multibeam Profiling Sonar
    Gemini 620pd
    Gemini 720i
    Highly versatile multibeam 3D sonar-Tritech- Eclipse
    Tritech- Super SeaPrince
    Tritech- Micron Sonar
    테러보트방어용 해상장벽
    Tritech-Multibeam Imaging Sonar
    Gemini 720id
    Tritech- Super SeaKing
    Low Pressure Pneumatic Fenders
    Tritech- Super SeaKing DFP

    방위사업 - 특수부력제

    소형 보트 방현재
    수중함체용 부력제

    방위사업 - 기타분야

    방진장치 - Metalastik® type Sandwich mountings large series
    방진장치 - 레이더 탐색신호 차단재
    야전용 급유장치 - Onion Tanks
    방진장치 - Metalastik® type Cushyfloat
    방진장치 - Metalastik® type D series,Super D & DX mountings
    방진장치 - Metalastik® type Cushymount™
    방진장치 - Metalastik® type HT Cushyfloat™
    방진장치 - Metalastik® type
    방진장치 - Metalastik® type D series, Super D & DX mountings
    방진장치 - Trelleborg Industrial AVS - Height Adjusters
    방진장치 - 수중함체 소음방지 경량내장재
    야전용 급유장치 - Cuboid Tanks
    야전용 급유장치 - Flexible Tanks
    야전용 급유장치 - Pillow Tanks
    항만 경계
    야전용 급유장치 - 군용헬리콥터 급유장치