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제품명 For Over current protection
시리즈 PTC Thermistor

PTC Thermistor for Over current protection

Designed for over current or over voltage protection.


■ Various applications for current regulation and circuit protection
■ High positive increase in resistance with temperature
■ Wide range of resistances and temperature
■ RoHS compliant


Technical Range

Curie Temperature 60℃ ~ 120℃
Resistance at 25℃ 5ohm ~ 2,500ohm
Max. Voltage 30V ~ 265V
Withstanding Voltage 50V ~ 400V
Switching Time 1sec. ~ 3sec.



■ Over-current protection for power supplies
■ Surge circuit protection for electrical equipments
■ Home appliances for washing machine, microwave oven, etc. 

Sentrion specializes in customized products. Please contact us for various options.

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