Single-Roller Burnishing Tool for Angle Surface Superfinishing



Roller Burnishing Tools

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STR3-02 tool for roller burnishing of external angle and radii surfaces with hard-alloy rollers is installed in the turret head of the CNC turning center or in the tool rack on a universal lathe.
The surfaces of the parts are processed with an accuracy Of RA 0.1 using speeds corresponding to finishing methods.

The tool is available in two versions

STR3-02R version right

STR3-02L version left


Maximum workpiece hardness for tool steel rollers HRC 43 

Maximum workpiece hardness for WC rollers HRC 65


Reduce the cost of machining
* Exclude auxiliary operations and machines
* Polishing on CNC turning centers and universal lathes
* Finish the surface from Ra 0.6 to Ra 0.1
* Economical tool life with carbide rollers and roller recovery


Roller burnishing is a surface finishing technique in which hardened, highly polished steel rollers are brought into

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