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Diamond Burnishing Tools

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Orbit Diamond Burnishing


Universal Rotatable Diamond Burnishing tool ST-21 is used for finishing and surface finishing of parts on universal machines and CNC machines.

It is used for smoothing surfaces in hard-to-reach areas of parts, radii, cones, ends, holes, external surfaces.

Version with adjustable burnishing force, for machining various parts.

Part shape - cylinder, rotational bodies, cone, fillet.

Diameter of the workpiece from 6mm .

Metric toolholders 20x20, 25x25, 32x32 (as well as the size of the customer).

Inch toolholders   0.750"x0,750"   1.00"x1.00"    

Natural diamond (PA) indenters are used 

Diamond Burnishing technology (AB) and the Tool completely replace the grinding and polishing area.

Personnel costs, grinding machines, consumable tools are reduced and no re-installation or re-basing is required.

When machining, the roughness is smoothed to Ra = 0.2..... 0.05 µm in one or two passes.

It is used on CNC machines, on universal lathes.

To obtain a stable surface microprofile without a wave it is recommended to use ST-21 on machines that can provide a finish turning!

Machining materials: any structural steel with hardness max HRc 65

Roughness before processing not more than Ra = 1.25 μm

Examples of parts - hydraulic cylinder rods, gate valve spindle, submersible pump heel, shaft, shaft surfaces under bearings.


Smoothing tip, diamond smoothing, micro smoothing, hardening, rolling polishing, diamond smoothing (AB)

WARNING! The tool is not used for smoothing materials such as titanium, niobium, zirconium due to the high viscosity of the material!


Schnelles, effizientes und kostengünstiges Glätten
Toleranzausgleich über Federkraft stufenlos einstellbar
Hochpolierter Diamant für höchste Oberflächengüte mit Rautiefen bis unter Rz 1µm
Diamantträger austauschbar
Ideal für die Rohrinnenbearbeitung mittelgroße und kleine Serien, sowie Prototypen
Geeignet für alle Werkstoffe bis über 60 HRC und hochfeste Materialien wie Titan oder Platin.


Rolling, Walzen, Festwalzen, Glattwalzen, Feinwalen, Rolling finishing, Formwalzen, Form rolling, Size rolling,
Plastische Oberflachenverformung,Surface plastic deformation,Surface working
Innenkegelbearbeitung, glattwalzen, rollieren, rollwalzen, glatten,Rollierwerkzeuge
Optimierte Oberflachen durch Glatten und Verfestigen,
Glattwalzen, Glatten, Rollwalzen, Diamantglatten, Festwalzen, burnishing, roller burnishing, deep-rolling


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