Diamond Burnishing Tool for Deep Holes



Diamond Burnishing Tools

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Diamond burnishing tool ST6-40 is used for finishing and superfinishing processing of internal surfaces of bodies of rotation of holes, pipes, sleeves.


The minimum hole diameter is 45 mm.

Maximum processing depth - 450 mm

Round  metric toolholder - Ф 40 mm

Round inch   toolholder  - Ф 1.50"

Diamond Burnishing (AB)


Supplied with round shank Ф 40 mm
Natural diamond  indenters are used
It is recommended to use on universal and CNC machines that can provide
finish current (Ra 1,25 and better)!
Roughness before processing not more than Ra=1.25 µm.
Example parts - hydraulic cylinder liners, seamless pipes, seating surfaces in the housings under the bearings.

Internal supply of coolant


WARNING! The tool is not used for smoothing materials such as titanium, niobium, zirconium due to the high viscosity of the material!


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