Inner Diameter Diamond Burnishing Tool



Diamond Burnishing Tools

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제품 상세 설명


Diamond Burnishing tool  ST-6-20 is used for superfinishing and hardening treatment of holes, tubes, sleeves.

The minimum diameter of the hole - 25 mm

Maximum depth of processing - 170-180 mm

Internal coolant supply

Round  metric toolholder diameter Ф 20 mm

Round inch toolholder diameter   Ф 0.750" 


 RDB-3, RDB-5 Cogsdill


Smoothing tip, diamond burnishing , micro-smoothing, microburnishing, hardening, knurling, surface finishing, super-finishing, running in, peening, PPD, plastic surface deformation

diamond burnishing tool ST-6 ID burnishing  cogsdill ecoroll yamasa baublies алмазный выглаживатель


Innovation For Metal Surface Superfinishing

Rolling, Walzen, Festwalzen, Glattwalzen, Feinwalen, Rolling finishing, Formwalzen, Form rolling, Size rolling,
Plastische Oberflachenverformung,Surface plastic deformation,Surface working
Innenkegelbearbeitung, glattwalzen, rollieren, rollwalzen, glatten,Rollierwerkzeuge
Optimierte Oberflachen durch Glatten und Verfestigen,
Glattwalzen, Glatten, Rollwalzen, Diamantglatten, Festwalzen, burnishing, roller burnishing, deep-rolling


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lower processing costs
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cost-cutting tool
chipless processing
Metal processing without chip removal
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cold working without chip removal
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The quality of chrome plating can be improved by diamond smoothing its surface. This treatment compacts the surface layer and eliminates the tightness of tight joints of chrome-plated parts due to the presence of microcracks in chrome.