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Diamond Burnishing Tools

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Diamond burnishing tool ST-3 is used for finishing surface treatment of steel, cast iron, stainless steel parts on small-sized machines.

Version 1 with adjustable burnishing loading, for processing various parts.
Adjustable Device is purchased separately, or the setting can be performed by our experts.

The shape of the part is a cylinder, bodies of rotation

The diameter of the workpiece to 150 mm (with a larger diameter, you can perform an individual order)

Round Holders diameters 20, 25, 32 mm (as well as the size of the customer)

Natural diamond indenters (PA) are used.  High-precision diamond tools.

The tool is used for finishing processing.

The tool completely replaces the grinding and polishing area

Costs for personnel, grinding machines, consumables are reduced, re-installation of parts and re-basing are not required.

When processing, smoothing of roughness occurs to the level of Ra = 0.2 ..... 0.05 microns in one or two passes

It is used on CNC machines and universal lathes.

To obtain a stable surface micro-profile without a wave, it is recommended to use ST-3 on machines that can provide final turning!

Processing materials: any structural steels with a hardness of max HRc 62
Roughness before processing no more than Ra = 1.25 microns


Examples of parts are hydraulic cylinder rods, valve spindle, heel of a submersible pump, shaft, shaft surfaces for bearings.