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    Worcester 44 Series Ball Valve
    밸브 사업부 - Flowserve

    제품 소개

    세준산업 Worcester 44 Series Ball Valve

    생산 제품

    밸브 사업부 - Flowserve

    Serck Audco Steel Taper Plug Valve
    Serck Audco Double Isolation Plug Valve
    Serck Audco Super-H Plug Valve
    McCANNA Tri-Pac E-325 / E-525
    McCannaseal Top-Entry Wedge-Seated Ball Valves
    VOGT Gate, Globe, and Check Valves
    Worcester Controls 44459 3-Piece Reduced Ball Valves
    Worcester 18/19 Series Modular Multi-Way Ball Valves
    Worcester F819/829 Full Bore Ball Valve
    Worcester F81 Fully Welded Ball Valves
    LTS4 Series Low Temperature Service Valve (US)
    High Pressure and High Temperature Ball Valves
    Worcester 151/301 Series Wafer Valves (US)
    Worcester Controls Series 608 Ball Valve
    Worcester C Series Cryogenic Ball Valves (US)
    Worcester 51/52 Series Flanged Ball Valve
    Worcester 44 Series Ball Valve
    82/83 Series Full Port Ball Valves
    Worcester Controls 94 Series Valve (US)
    Three Piece Ball Valves - Series 44, Series 45, Series 59
    CPT Series Characterized Seat Control Valve
    Pulsair III Digital Positioner
    APEX 5000 Pneumatic Positioner
    Apex 6000 Pneumatic Positioner
    APEX 4000 Pneumatic Positioner
    XL90 High Performance Analog Positioner
    AUTOMAX Ultraswitch XCL Series
    AUTOMAX APEX 7000 Pneumatic Positioner
    AUTOMAX 500si Digital Positioner
    AUTOMAX APEX 8000 Positioner
    Atomac Lined Ball Valve Series
    Valtek Mark One-X Control Valve
    Mark Two Control Valve
    Tek-Check Check Valve
    Survivor Control Valve
    Stealth Anti-Noise Control Valve Trim
    Valtek FlowTop Control Valves
    Valtek Mark Eight Control Valves
    Valtek Mark One Control Valves
    Mark 100 Control Valve
    Guardian II Metal Bellows Seal
    Selfacting Control Valve
    StarPac 3 Intelligent Control System
    Valtek ShearStream Segmented Ball Valve
    Valtek Valdisk BX Control Valves
    Valtek Valdisk Control Valves
    Valtek MaxFlo 3
    TA Luft & EPA Method 21
    Metallic Sealing Systems
    Kämmer Series 191000
    Kämmer Series 185000
    Kämmer Series 080000
    Kämmer Series 051000
    Kämmer Series 030000
    Kämmer Series 020000
    Kämmer Series 025000
    Kämmer Series 011000, 015000
    Kämmer Actuators Series 5
    Kämmer Actuators Series 4
    Kämmer Actuators Series 3
    Kämmer Actuators Series 1
    P2000 Electropneumatic Positioner
    W Series Switchbox
    XCL Series Switchbox
    P5 Pneumatic Positioner
    D2 Digital Positioner
    D3 Digital Positioner
    BTV Lined Butterfly Valve
    Mach 1 High Performance Plug Valve
    BX2001 High Performance Butterfly Valve
    G4 Sleeveline Plug Valve
    Worcester C44 Cryogenic 3-Piece Ball valves
    McCANNA Cartridge Ball Valve
    Kämmer Series 132000
    Mark Six Cryogenic Control Valve
    Kämmer Positioners
    Kämmer Actuators Series 2
    Kämmer Series 035000
    Argus Ball Valve
    F5 Feedback Unit

    밸브 사업부 - YPPC

    API 6D/6A Oil&Gas Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve
    Cryogenic Ball Valve
    Metal Seated Ball Valve
    B6 Series General Purpose

    밸브 사업부 - Dresser

    3900 MPV Modular Pilot-Operated [Safety Relief Valve]
    Type 1511 [Safety Valve]
    Type 2700 [Safety Valve]
    Type 3500 [Electronic Ball Valve]
    1700 Maxiflow Steam [Safety Valve]
    Type 1900/P Safety Relief Valve
    Type 1982 Conventional Safety Relief Valve
    Type 1900 Safety Relief Valve
    Type 87/88 Actuators
    77000 Series High Pressure Multi-Stage Valve
    75000 Series Tank Drain Valve
    74000 Series Heavy Oil Process Valve
    73000 Series Sweep Angle Valve
    72000 Series Large Mass Flow / Low Noise Valve
    71000 Series Erosive Service Valve
    84000 Series SteamForm
    49000 Series V-LOG Low Noise Anti-Cavitation Solutions
    Variable Resistance Trim (VRT) Anti Cavitation Solutions
    78400 / 18400 Series LincolnLog Anti Cavitation Valve
    37002 Series MiniTork® ll Control Butterfly Valves
    39004 Series High Performance Butterfly Valves
    39003 Series High Performance Butterfly Valves
    31000 Series Rotary Control Valve
    36005 Series V-Max [Rotray Valves]
    35002 Series Camflex [Rotary Valves]
    10000 Series [Globe Valve]
    80000 Series 3-Way Control Valve [Globe Valve]
    28000 Series Varipak [Globe Valve]
    41005 Series [Globe Valve]
    21000 Series [Globe Valve]
    13900 Series Pilot-Operated [Safety Relief Valve]
    Type 2478 [Safety Valve]
    Type 1811 [Safety Valve]
    4900 MPV Modular Pilot-Operated [Safety Relief Valve]
    Type 1541/1543 [Safety Valve]
    19000 Safety Relief Valve
    2900 MPV Modular Pilot-Operated [Safety Relief Valve]