Super Wedge




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제품 상세 설명

Super wedge

- Super Wedge is as an attachment of Excavator for large size job site and it is a big difference with DARDA splitter.
- So, it is very convenient and accurate to break the hard material without Vibration and Noise problem than blasting method at the sensitive area.
- There are three model of Super Wedge, SW, TSW and MSW series, according to their purpose and size of machine.

Work process

* Switch on the Power switch on the control box.

* Control the counter wedge is toward free face by wedge turning lever.

* Insert the wedge set into the drilled hole.

* Push down the center wedge by lever on the control box

* Breaking the rock, pull out the center wedge to the end.

* Take out the wedge set from the hole.

* Move to the next hole.


* Building basement dig out

* Road construction of downtown

* Vertical shaft construction

* Pipe route construction

* Tunnel building at the sensitive area


* High productivity
(rock splitting of 120 cubic meter per day with two crawler drill.)

* Safety
(Super Wedge is mounted on excavator. so do not need personal power.It is possible to escape from injury or accident at the job site due to no man staying near the rock breaking area.)

* Noise Free, Vibration Free, Dust Free
(It is not explosion method. It uses only hydraulic power of excavator. So, there is no Noise, Vibration and dust. It is very useful at the down town job site where we can not use explosion method. )

* Efficient operation
(Just one Excavator can do Splitting, Digging and Cleaning. Installation of Super Wedge to excavator is so easy needs just 10 minutes. We use the same type of hydraulic pipe line as hydraulic breaker.Even man power, only one or two workers are enough to operate including operator of excavator. )