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제품명 Starter Kit and Attachment
모델명 WHS-30
시리즈 Magswitch Woodworking Solution


All your tabletop workholding needs in one complete system.

- A workholding system built around Magswitch ON/OFF magnetic clamps provides strong,  precise placement anywhere on any steel table. Our award-winning technology is a  breakthrough for accomodating your workholding needs on all your power tool tables including  table saws, joiners, planers, band saws and shapers.

Starter Kit


FeaturesAdd attachments for more versatility. Kit contains: Two 150 lb grip MagJigs, a Universal Base and a Reversible Featherboard Attachment.
  • Fast easy set up
  • Precise tensioning
  • Place anywhere on table
Basic componentsTwo MJG-30 magnets with 70kgf magnetic force
1 universal base
1 attachable featherboard


Vertical Featherboard Attachment VA-30

  • Safety award winner. Mitigate kickback.
  • Absolute must-buy with Starter Kit.
  • Dual plane workholding.
  • Stack horizontally for tall panels.
Part numberPart# 8110178

Resaw Guide Attachment RRF

  • Adjustable roller bearing for glide.
  • Angled in-feed/out-feed for blade drift.
  • Micro adjust to exact 90°.
  • Use on band saw or out-feed on table saw.
Part numberPart# 8110125

Dual Roller Attachment DUAL-ROLLER-GD

  • Ideal for tall panel feed.
  • Glide rollers - yet strong firm hold.
  • Adjustable roller bearings.
  • Great for hold on out-feed as well.
Part numberPart# 8110130

Thin Stock Hold Down Attachment STG

  • Three tools in one.
  • Thin stock hold near blade.
  • Clean cuts with strong hold near blade.
  • Cut thin strips with roller guide.
Part numberPart# 8110362*

18in & 36in Universal Track Attachment
UBT-18, UBT-16

  • Instant wall anywhere you need it.
  • Accepts standard hardware.
  • Accepts all standard T-bolts, ¼ in. hex, 5/16 in hex and Kreg® clamps.
Part number18 in Universal Track Wall (Part# 8110132)*
36 in Universal Track Wall (Part# 8110370)*

Add Extra Bases & MagJigs
MUB, MJG-20, MJG-30

FeaturesStarter kit for purchasing additional components
Part numberMounting Base (Part# 8110112)*
Riser Kit (4) - for Vertical Attachment (Part# 8110155)*
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