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제품명 MagDrill
모델명 MDRL-625
시리즈 MagDrill
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Small, lightweight portable magnetic power drill using ON/OFF control permanent magnet

- Rotatable magnetic design attachable on circular pipes of various sizes with strong magnetic force
- Small and light ON/OFF control of super strong permanent magnet providing strong fixing and controlling vibration
- Dual safety design with magnetic ON/OFF handle lock
- Design with low noise and strong torque four-pole motor, low-speed start and anti-overheat function
- Magnetic force control and coordinating precise drill position
- Easy and precise work by applying drill depth indicator and self-lubrication system
- No possibility of safety accident due to sudden power shut off and electric circuit breakdown
- Patent applied for technology of attaching magnet on curved surface of pipe


Size(Excluding Handles)(mm)416H x 275L x 185W
Maximum magnetic force(kgf)521kgf
Input voltage220V~240V, 50~60Hz
Motor power8.2A
No-load rotation speed775rpm
900W Load rotation speed400rpm
Drill stroke90mm
Fixed spindle type3/4" Weldon
Broach cutter (hole cutter)Ø 12~30mm
Drill blade(Twist Drill)Ø 1~13mm
Minimum diameter of pipe for drilling90mm

Advantages of using MagSwitch manual chamfering tool

Comparison between electromagnetical magnetic drill and MagSwitch MagDrill
Electromagnetical methodMagSwitch permanent magnet ON/OFF method
  • Attached to plane surface only
  • Unable to work on thin iron plate as magnetic force weakened
  • Setting and cleaning possible when magnetic is off completely
  • Risk of accidents in sudden turning and losing magnetic force
  • Lots of energy consumption as electricity should be continuously supplied
  • Sticking various forms of surfaces such as flat, curved surfaces, pipes, etc.
  • Optimum magnetic force workable on thin steel plate
  • Easy setting and cleaning by turning one side magnet only off
  • Magnetic force maintained during sudden turning off and providing safety
  • Less energy consumption without power supply besides drilling

Operation and characteristics of MagSwitch MagDrill

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