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제품명 Puller (Ratchet Puller)
시리즈 Ratchet and Other Tools


MODELWLL(TON)Working LengthABØCDE1E2Weight(kg)
NRP-B, NRP-BL1.5560-790, (560-770)56062037400319.55.6
3680-1010, (680-990)6807554041040118.3


- The NRP-B ratchet puller is faster and more convenient to operate than the existing turn buckles, which can improve productivity.
- When operating the handle, both screws go into the inside of the screwed pipe by the ratchet gear so the working length gets shorter.
- The clevis grab hook is assembled to one end of the NRP-B ratchet puller to connect a chain to a high or long block.
- The NRP-B ratchet puller has the universal-style handle which can be folded or unfolded according to purposes, 
   making it convenient to be transported and work with.
- The stopper type has the built-in pin to prevent the screw from completely coming out of the pipe.

How to use

Have a screw clamp bite both ends of a steel block to pull or fix, and insert the hook of the ratchet puller into the eye hole(shackle).  Depending on purposes, push up or down the pawl, fix it and then operate the handle.


- Do not exceed the rated capacity specified on the ratchet puller.
- Operate the handle only after completely inserting the hook of the ratchet puller into the eye hole(shackle) of a screw clamp.
- Before inserting the hook into the eye hole(shackle), always check that all chains are in alignment.
- When leaving work, retreat the installed ratchet puller by one step.
- For non-stopper types, leave at least 40mm of the screw thread inside one end of the pipe(80mm for both ends) when pulling the screw outo f a pipe.

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